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The successful completion of the takeover of Sydney Airport in March 2022 marks the conclusion of 20 years as a listed entity. Since the inception of the Cromwell Phoenix Property Securities Fund (the Fund) in April 2008, Sydney Airport (ASX:SYD) has been a core holding and a big positive contributor to the Fund’s returns.

From the early days, the potential upside of airports made for a compelling investment case for the Cromwell Phoenix Property Securities Fund. Airport ownership provides a myriad of opportunities to invest in commercial activities, particularly via the unregulated retail, car parking and property opportunities, which combined can often represent a greater proportion of airport revenues than aeronautical activities.

With respect to aeronautical activities, the privatisation of Sydney Airport was accompanied by the removal of price controls on aeronautical charges, enabling more flexible arrangements between airlines and the airport allowing for the provision of services to meet the demands of airlines.

The infographic below provides a timeline of Sydney Airport’s ascent, turbulence and smooth landing.

An in-depth analysis of the 20-year journey and why Phoenix held a stake can be read here.

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