Phoenix Portfolios

Established in 2006, Phoenix Portfolios (Phoenix) is a boutique equity investment manager which has built a solid track record across a variety of A-REIT mandates, property securities funds and microcap securities, culminating in numerous industry awards.

To succeed in the highly competitive investment sphere, Phoenix seeks to be experts in niche sectors of the market, including property, infrastructure and small/micro-cap stocks. Phoenix’s focus on in-depth research provides a knowledge-based competitive edge.

Phoenix Portfolios is jointly owned by staff and ASX-listed Cromwell Property Group (Cromwell). Joint ownership with staff promotes long-term stability and a strong alignment of interest between employees and investors. Cromwell is an active participant in direct property markets and provides valuable insights into the Phoenix research process.

Phoenix has outsourced all non-investment functions to specialist providers, enabling the team to focus solely on investment activities.

Phoenix commits to:

  • Act as a fiduciary and focus exclusively on your interests;
  • Take an active role in voting proxies, making unpopular decisions when required;
  • Make investment decisions based on long-term total return expectations;
  • Focus our resources on securities where we have a competitive edge;
  • Ensure we fully understand the businesses we invest in, the accounting treatment used to present historic results and the future sustainable cash generation potential;
  • Make bold, rather than timid, investment decisions where we see a sufficient probability of success;
  • Share our ideas and thoughts with you so that you may evaluate for yourselves whether we are making rational investment decisions;
  • Align our interests with yours via co-investment stakes in the funds we manage;
  • Maintain a sensible cap on funds under management to retain our nimble, boutique investment style; and
  • As a signatory to the United Nations-backed Principles for Responsible Investment Initiative, take this responsibility seriously.

A highly-respected investment team

Stuart Cartledge

Managing Director

Stuart Cartledge is the Managing Director of Phoenix Portfolios and the portfolio manager for each of the company’s property portfolios / funds. Prior to establishing the business in 2006, Stuart had built a very strong track record in the listed property security asset class in his role as Head of Property Securities at Citigroup Asset Management. Stuart has been actively managing portfolios of domestic securities since 1993 and was instrumental to building the A-REIT business at Citigroup. Stuart holds a master’s degree in engineering and Management from the University of Birmingham and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Richard Fakhry

Portfolio Manager

Richard Fakhry is the portfolio manager of the Cromwell Phoenix Opportunities Fund and a research analyst across all of the company’s products. Prior to joining Phoenix, Richard worked in a variety of roles at MLC and BlackRock and was part of the BlackRock investment team from August 2006 specialising in A-REITs. Richard holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Flinders University, a Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance from the Securities Institute of Australia and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Jordan Lipson

Research Analyst

Jordan Lipson is a research analyst, who joined Phoenix Portfolios in March 2016. Jordan has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of New South Wales where he majored in Actuarial Studies and Finance. Prior to joining Phoenix, Jordan was a Portfolio Analyst at Advance Asset Management / BT Invest Solutions and reported to the Head of Portfolio Construction and ESG. Jordan is a Chartered Financial Analyst.